About Us

Rethink CFO was founded in 2010 with a vision to help clients succeed in taking their business to the next level, not just through sound financial services, but through our deep knowledge and expertise in business planning and development.


Defining ourselves as a fractional CFO firm, we provide much more than expert management accounting. We help your business strategically mature past little league bookkeeping through our fractional CFO service offering that scales and adapts with your business as it grows.


Our highly qualified and experienced team of partners work exclusively with small groups of clients over the long-term. Every day, we put into practice our belief that personal relationships and direct contact with clients is essential to the success of our service.


We see all businesses as unique entities that take on lives of their own over time, as teams and cultures are built. While we rely on Cloud technology to provide services, building close relationships with clients and being able to connect personally are things we value.

We are passionate about helping you source and receive the best solution to meet the strategic and long-term growth needs of your business.


Let us share our expertise and knowledge with you.


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James Thomson
Founder and CFO

James Thomson is the founder of Rethink CFO with a primary focus on client success followed by the operational management and business development of Rethink CFO. Prior to starting a fractional CFO business, James worked for small and large businesses across different industries in various roles from analyst to CFO. James has degrees in accounting and business strategy.