Level 2: Cash Flow


Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Growing companies require a strong cash flow forecasting system. It is one of the best disaster, ‘recession proofing’ and ‘sleep well at night’ actions you can implement in your business. There are several tools that will produce cash flow forecasts at the click of a button, which are convenient for getting quick insights. However, there is no substitute for doing the ‘hard yards’ of developing and maintaining a detailed cash flow management system that considers your goals, strategy and the day to day reality of doing business.


Cashflow Model

Rethink CFO’s cash flow model and methodology has been tried and proven in many businesses of varying sizes and types for over a decade.


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A focus on cash flow protects the business by mitigating risk at times of disaster, pandemic, or recession.


Level 3: Focus

Dialled in leadership realizes the importance of strategic planning. With Rethink CFO, goals, plans, and accountability discussions are focused on metrics.


Achieve Goals

A good cash management process dramatically improves the likelihood of achieving your financial goals.