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Business Finance


We work directly with bank managers, investors and brokers to ensure your business always has access to additional funds. Opportunities or problems can arise unforeseen in business, so being prepared to combat them when they arrive is vital.


Rethink CFO’s work at this stage sees us working directly with your bank manager, investors or broker to ensure they have the knowledge necessary to support your business.


Many businesses fail as a result of running out of cash – often this is due to timing challenges around collecting receivables and making payroll. Our work at this level can prevent this from happening.


In support of this stage, we work to ensure business plans and budgets are in place for the stakeholders who will supply or connect you with funding.


Bank managers, investors or brokers who are ‘in the loop’ with your business’s financial situation are in a better position to provide you with access to funds when you need it.

See if Rethink CFO is a fit for you.

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