Level 4: Optimization


We become fully intertwined in your business at Level 4. It’s time for optimization.

Being fully engaged with us at this level allows us to dedicate time for deeper analysis and discussion with you of what’s working, what’s not working and what can be done to improve financial performance. This discussion is guided from a scorecard report created monthly to analyze your business’s performance. It comprises the key ratios and metrics and levers of your business that can be improved over time to optimize results.



Each quarter we produce a high level strategic financial report for review. We also look at strategic planning sessions, risk scenarios planning, board report packs, insurance coverage monitoring and oversight of audit and tax engagements.


Ultimate Accountability

Level 4 is the ultimate accountability process – it is the basis for assessing and adjusting your goals and plan.



Many incremental improvements accumulate to a significant benefit to the bottom line.


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Having a 40,000 ft. view of the business helps to keep the many parts of your business in perspective relative to your goals and plan.


Level 5: Finance

At Level 5, Rethink CFO’s aim is to ensure your business always has access to additional funds. We’ll work directly with bank managers, investors and brokers.