Optional Services


Increasingly in today’s business environment, the managerial oversight of business functions linked to areas like human resources, inventory, and IT reside with the CFO. We provide the guidance and strategic decision making in the following areas below, and where we can see value in engaging additional support, we will make recommendations. Rethink CFO has built key relationships with a variety of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), and technology support service organizations that support these areas.


Accounts Payable Management

Depending on the number of vendors you have, managing their payables may be frustrating and inefficient. We help implement tools and processes to ensure this area of impact is streamlined and highly automated. A big vendor list never needs to become a big headache.


Software Implementation

In the course of business growth, it becomes necessary to upgrade into new software platforms to advance the management of the business. At times, it becomes necessary because current situations are inefficient. We have experience in transitioning business systems, with a focus on accounting systems.


Accounts Receivable Management

Chasing debtors is typically an unpopular job with business owners and their team. We can implement the tools and processes to ensure this area is streamlined, highly automated, and a structured process that manages one of your most important assets – cash. Debtor management should not become a cashflow problem.


Inventory Management

There is an inflection point at which wholesale businesses or those that manufacture are greatly assisted by a dedicated inventory system. Spreadsheets or accounting systems with basic inventory management only go so far before inventory is either “lost” or uncontrolled. We have extensive experience in managing inventory so that our accounting systems are up to date and accurate.

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