What does it cost?

  • The size of the company / number of transactions, and the level of service will determine the monthly fee.

  • Our history allows us to analyse and organise businesses into three groups: Early phase start-up businesses that are validating their product or service; businesses that have proven themselves and are at or growing towards a team of 30 – 50 members; and businesses that are on course to becoming established in the middle market (defined as revenues greater than ten million dollars).


What if I already have an accountant?

  • We are not replacing your accountant; in fact, we frequently work with other accountants. The accounting profession is increasingly diverse, and we regularly work with specialists in certain areas. What Rethink CFO provides is the managerial expertise to help you manage your business transactions, augmenting the strategic financial position of your company and enabling you to make critical decisions.


Do you handle tax compliance, tax planning, annual filing, and performance of audits?

  • As a fractional CFO company, our focus is to support you and your business from financial management to strategic oversight perspectives. Increasing complexity in the areas of tax, audit, and certain financial reporting matters leads us to work with specialists in these areas. This may include people you already engage or it may require new connections to be made .  We have an expanding network of specialists around the world from which we can make a selection of options available to you.


Are you qualified accountants?

  • Rethink CFO partner with holders of either a CA or CPA designation where necessary.

  • In certain circumstances, we may be able to include other professionals who do not hold a CA or CPA designation among the ranks of our Partners, such as holders of CFA’s and MBA’s.


How are you regulated?

  • Every jurisdiction we operate in requires us to hold a license or certificate to practice.This means that we are governed by laws and professional rules and codes of conduct.It also means that our operations are audited and reviewed by a third party to ensure proper standards of care are in place.


I do not live close to where Rethink CFO has a presence; can we still work together?

  • Although our business model has a preference for being in close enough proximity to meet regularly in person, connect at your business premises, or over coffee or a beer, we have the capacity to communicate remotely as required.


Is my information private?

  • We have a privacy policy in place that is drafted according to current regulatory standards.

  • All company information is stored in professional accounting software.

  • Documents are stored in encrypted locations on Microsoft.


What is the right level of service?

  • Our preliminary consultation is designed to help us understand your business needs and recommend the appropriate level of service. In most cases, our Level 3 service offering is where most companies tend to start.


Which accounting software do you work with?

  • We recognise most companies will have an infrastructure in place for their accounting needs, whether that be QuickBooks, Xero, Microsoft, Sage, or others, and we have experience with all. We will provide our feedback and make recommendations that are right for your business.