Level 1: Essentials


Rethink CFO will ensure the proper financial systems and processes are put into place so that the company is compliant with tax requirements. This entails implementing systems, bookkeeping, and structured reporting.



To file taxes and understand the performance and health of your business, we need a way to record accounting transactions. To do this we use online systems.


Essential Benefits

  • Essential accounting services in one solution.

  • Monthly Knowledge of business performance

  • Drive accountability in your business.



​Efficient, effective, and accurate recording of transactions depends on excellent systems and a focus on daily reconciliations. We can provide these services, however some of our clients have existing bookkeepers. In most cases, training and mentoring quickly brings this team member up to Rethink CFO speed, increasing productivity.


Get Started!

​Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Rethink CFO to discuss how we can apply the benefits of our Level 1: Essentials to your business today. 



What gets measured and clearly communicated gets improved exponentially. As soon as possible after month end, reports with the business’s financial performance and situation are created and sent to you. Regularly reviewing these reports is a key first step in having a healthy accountability in your business.


Cash Flow

​Cash is the lifeblood of any business, but growing companies require strong cash flow forecasting systems. It is one of the best disaster, recession proofing and ‘sleep well at night’ actions you can implement in your business.